My Beauty Journey

February 2014 ….. Trainee Beauty Therapist in level 2 Beauty Therapy at LCBT (London College Of Beauty Therapy) behind busy Oxford Street ,Big stores,busy street,bare people. October 2014 Completed course  Level 2 Beauty Therapy,Certificate in retail knowledge ,Award in Employability skills. January 2015 Trainee Level 3 Beauty Therapy ,Spray tanning(Sienna x) and Retail knowledge. May 2015 My first ever beauty job as a Beauty Therapist @ Mrs Feel Goods Beauty salon in East Dulwich,close to home, walking distance as well,sooo convenient . I would walk through the park to get fresh air and stay fit ,its always nice having the … Continue reading My Beauty Journey

My Happiness Project: Stage 3

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This year, I made a resolution to go on a Happiness Project – a journey to explore if happiness itself can be pursued. My plan is to introduce 3 new tactics every quarter of 2015, and I invite you to join me! I’m excited to announce the three new happiness tactics are as follows: Disconnect one night a week – Over the past year, it has become more and more apparent to me how fast and furious I live my life at times. The days whiz by without much notice. I can loose myself in the endless… Continue reading My Happiness Project: Stage 3 Hello Everyone Soo please take a few minutes to click and read the Link below,Thanks. I am going too take part in this mirror messages campaign this Monday at my college,so wish me luck ,hopefully I don’t get told of by any senior members for sticking yellow post it notes on the college mirrors. After all its all for a good cause right? I’ve always been interested in volunteering or helping others in ways that I can ,so this campaign would be fulfilling for me. I Will let you all know the outcome,in the meantime don’t be afraid … Continue reading

Inspirational Person: Toju Adelaja, Equal rights advocate

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Toju Adelaja is only 14, but is already a strong voice for gender equality. She believes this topic is of utmost importance, not only to women, but to the world at large. She currently lives in England, but grew up in Nigeria. Toju, at such a young age, you seem to have really explored the issues facing the world today, and have been courageous enough to tackle some of them, such as gender equality. Where was your passion for gender equality born? My passion for gender equality was born at home. Although I love my… Continue reading Inspirational Person: Toju Adelaja, Equal rights advocate